Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CONSERVATION: C. mindorensis CCTV Camera

Last February 17, 2012 JKMSAEI (PAG-ASA Farms) installed a CCTV Camera beside a C. mindorensis nest located at the Crocodile Area. We are monitoring these crocodiles in order for us to further understand its behavior and nesting habits.

JKMSAEI (PAG-ASA Farms) has 7 C. mindorensis in its natural enclosure. Also known as the Philippine Crocodile, this enclosure for its Natural Breeding Program is a joint venture of the PAWB-DENR, Silliman University and JKMSAEI. These crocodiles in the natural enclosure are left alone to hunt for their own food. They have been on their own and have not been fed since March 2007 upon the advice of Dr. Angel C Alcala of the Silliman University. We, at JKMSAEI, are aware that these crocodiles are critically endangered, so we are doing our part in order to protect and breed these crocodiles in a natural habitat enclosure.

JKMSAEI (PAG-ASA Farms) jointly with PAWB-DENR are committed to continuously look for release sites nationwide whose habitats can sustain the Philippine crocodiles in its natural environment. We are hoping to have more releases of this critically endangered crocodile in the wild so that future generations can appreciate these crocodiles.

(Screenshot of the C. mindorensis CCTV Camera video recordings)
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