Monday, February 20, 2012

REPORT: C. mindorensis Sightings

We have received numerous C. mindorensis “Philippine Crocodile” sightings around the area of Barangay Katipunan (Kilometer 10), Davao Del Norte, Philippines. Our team decided to survey the area hoping to have a glimpse of the endangered crocodile in the wild. Upon arriving at the area we hiked for about 2 hours because the roads are not passable for vehicles. We experienced very harsh terrain and along the way we stumble upon local residents that pointed us to the direction of the C. mindorensis. We interviewed the local residents to gain information. They told us that the story regarding the C. mindorensis was a complete hoax. They told the stories to their children in order to scare them from playing near the water. However, putting jokes aside. they are still concerned about the safety of their children. I believe that the local residents still needs more knowledge about this animal in order for both to live peacefully in their community. Sad to say we werent able to see the C. mindorensis in the wild at this location.

We continued our search for the C. mindorensis and we received another lead and decided to check it out. We went to the eye witnesses residence and she confirmed that her late father spotted a C. mindorensis near their house last September 2011. We documented the area were the crocodile was spotted and got a statement from the eye witnesses daughter. Hopefully, there will be more sightings in the future for us to further understand this animal.
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